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About OUTrageous!

Since 1992, the Santa Barbara Lesbian & Gay Film Festival has provided a spectrum of films and videos for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Our desire to represent the diversity of our community in film and video has resulted in a new name: OUTrageous: The Santa Barbara Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Film Festival.


OUTrageous provides a diverse selection of films and videos that entertain, challenge, and educate the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. OUTrageous also provides film and video makers with opportunities to screen their work that might not otherwise be seen locally.


OUTrageous was established in 1991 by a group of volunteers, and continues to be operated almost entirely by volunteers under the auspices of the Pacific Pride Foundation.

OUTrageous is a community-wide event. We screen programs we hope will be of interest to people of any LGBT-friendly identity or orientation. Join us each autumn (a beautiful time of year in Santa Barbara) for great cinema, special events, and OUTrageous fun!

2015 Film Festival Committee Members

Robby Robbins (Committee Chair)
Gary Clark (Artistic Director)
Ryan Hedge (Programming Chair)
Mashed Bernstein (Festival Co-founder)
Kate Adams
Lisa Gilinger
Hathor Hammett
Birdie Newborn
Justine Sutton
Lauren Wilson

Our deepest appreciation for all the committee members over the last two decades for making OUTrageous what it is today!

Allison Wyeth
Bill Murdoch
Birdie Newborn
Chimene Tucker
Christine Borrayo
Colette Schabram
Colleen K. Bivens
David Budlong
David Laflamme
David Nelson
David Selberg
Deb Stanton
Dolores Woodson
Dennis Whelan
Diana Hosley Dominguez
Donna Teutimez
Dru Sturdivan
Ellie Goodman  (in memoriam)
Emelin Gasparrini
Erin Bartolome
Gary Clark
Gray Vogelmann
Hal Horowitz
Hathor Hammett
Heather Stevenson
Howard Rosenberg
Hy Levy
Jack Funk
Jared Baum
Jerry Schwartz
Jim Stoicheff
Jody Nelson
Joe Cooper
John Bleck
Justine Sutton
Kaiden Taylor
Kathy Bible
Kim Summerfield
Kyle Richards
Laura Smith
Lauren Casapulla
Lauren Wilson
Lisa Angle
Lisa Gilinger
Lisa Slavid
Lizbeth Springer
Mark Kerr
Mashey Bernstein (founding member)
Melanie Parker
Melissa Van der Werfhorst
Monica Arrambide
Michael Pennon
Michael Pulizzano
Nancy Wahl
Noe Bailey
Pema Teeter
Peter Bejarano
Rafael Cosio
Randy Arnowitz
Robby Robbins
Ryan Hedge
Stephen Sharpe
Susan Jorgenson (founding donor)
Ted Klein (founding donor)
Veronique LaCapra
Vince Turano
Xavier Loza

*If we've missed someone please let us know. We'd like to include everyone who have been a part of our success.


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